Stuart + Liz - The Powerhouse, Brisbane

I first met Stuart over a decade ago through the music industry back when I thought I was going to be the next Madonna. I knew his wedding to Liz was going to be fun and it did not disappoint. As soon as I heard that they were holding the wedding at the industrial style Powerhouse in Brisbane it set the tone for it to be an epic day.

The couple already had a daughter together, Sophie who is just over two. Now being a mum myself I feel it is really special to have your little ones there on the day. During the ceremony there was a very special moment shared when the celebrant asked Stu and Liz to take each other’s hand Sophie walked over took one of each of their hands and stood ready for the vows, she knew.

Later in the evening Stuart had organised another surprise for Liz a beautiful song performed by his mates from the Brisbane band Shepard certainly took his new wife by surprise and was an all round crowd favorite.