Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Hi, I’m Crystal

I started documenting weddings around six years ago and soon after that decided it would become my main focus, since then I have have been so lucky that my work has taken me on many interstate and international adventures documenting weddings throughout the world. 

People often ask me why weddings?  Why I chose to specialize in them in my mind there is always a little voice going because they are mega fun. But on a serious note, over the years I have captured weddings of all different cultures, religions, locations, big, small, lavish and simple and I am always reminded of one thing, what binds us as people..... and that is of course love. I feel privileged that I get to bear witness to moments of true significance in peoples lives often on a day when the unspoken words are spoken and the emotion is raw. I love all of it, the quiet moments that leave our souls bear and the hectic chaos that often becomes the late night dance floor. 

My approach is fundamentally based around the fact I consider myself a visual storyteller and I do approach weddings with a documentary style. I am not afraid to get amongst all the fun on the day and I love a bit of old school romance with some contemporary flair. My goal is for your images to reflect your connection and feel like you as a couple, no stiff posing or forced smiles. It is my job to make you comfortable and then the magic will unfold as it will in front of the camera. I like to walk away from weddings feeling like an honorary member of the family because when I do I know I have captured something very special because you’ve let me into your little world for a moment in time.


My love story.

If I am going to tell your story it is only fair you know a little about mine.

I met my now husband, Darren over a decade ago. It turned out we had run in similar circles for years but had never formally met as such but once we did well, we were inseparable. When I think back to the early days of our relationship there are many things I remember feeling but mostly I remember feeling comfort. We are pretty much complete opposites but you know what they say … opposites attract. Today all of the things I value the most in life we have created together, including our little family comprising two fur babies Casper and Sammy and one human baby, Abi. He is my unwavering support in all that I do, but don’t tell him I told you that, I don’t want him to get a big head.

Below is the story of our wedding day filmed by my mates at the very talented Allure Productions.